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We Eat, What We Serve

Prepared with motherly love, served with fatherly care.

Currently Delivering: Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville & Burlington

We're constantly expanding our reach, adding more areas to our delivery network. Don't see your area?

Reach out to us to see if we can serve you

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Consumer Testimonials
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Harvi Virdi


Amazing, fresh, very tasty homely food, cooked, packed & delivered very hygienically. Love the taste, prompt delivery, the variety of the dishes, daals, pickles, chutneys & the desserts. Keep up the good work Healthi Homemade Team & wish you all the very best!!


The food quality was really good, with a lot of variety offered. What impressed me the most was that the food was not oily or greasy, which is rare to find at the price point they offer. The service was also excellent, with timely delivery and polite staff. I would like to suggest this service to everyone.


One of the best food services in the area. Amazing homemade food with brilliant service to top it up!! Must try for peeps looking for great taste of home away from home 🤩 thanks healthy and homemade for taking care of us 🙏

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Our Journey

As fellow immigrants, we longed for satisfying flavours of home-cooked meals that brings comfort and nostalgia. This intense yearning ignited the birth of Healthy Homemade, a culinary mission driven by love.

Recognizing the emotional significance of food in nurturing both body and soul, we are devoted to delivering an experience that brings pure delight. Every dish is crafted with unwavering dedication and infused with love, transforming your table into a canvas of vibrant flavours.

As you step into our culinary haven, you are not just a guest – You Are Family. Healthy Homemade is a reflection of our deepest emotions and a tribute to the unifying power of food. Your joy is our ultimate reward, and with every meal we prepare, we aim to create lasting memories etched in your heart.

With love and gratitude,
Rajni & Aman

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  • What packages do you offer?
    Discover the perfect fit for your cravings! Our packages come in two delightful sizes: Large and Regular. For a comprehensive list of inclusions, head over to the Tiffin Plan section on our website.
  • What is included in the sides?
    We serve the sides on a rotational basis, each day brings a new which will include a portion of salad, chutney, curd, gulab jamun, halwa, or sewaiyan. That's not all! We love to add an element of mystery by occasionally surprising you with special treats.
  • Do you cater to specific dietary needs?
    All the food we serve is : Adequately spiced Cooked in minimal oil Preservative free In case you have special requirements, please discuss it with us on WhatsApp. We will try our best to accommodate your request.
  • How can I change my delivery address or meal preference?
    As soon as you book a meal, you will receive a Whatsapp message from the Team. We will be available on that number for any request to manage or change any preferences. We will try our best to accommodate your request.
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